Teaching Students to Read and Spell.
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Teach your Tot to Read before they start school using the new Monster Mapping kit! Also ideal for Learning Support teachers and tutors working with dyslexic students. Use with the AU$20 SSP Monster Mapping app - this includes the phonics lessons (90+ graphemes) and also high 400+ frequency words.
Tutors should also look at the tutoring pack for 6 students, in the Bulk and Bundles category.

Primary teachers, show all spelling choices for EVERY English Speech Sound using the Spelling Clouds!
Order the class pack - everything to teach 25 students to read, write and spell using a FUN, fully differentiated approach.
Upper Primary teacher? Why not try The Speedy Six activities, to investigate phoneme to grapheme links not covered within the systematic phonics teaching (four Code Levels) All you need are a set of spelling clouds!

New to SSP? Watch the training videos for AU$35 Or come to training in the UK and Australia. Next session is in Brisbane, July 27th. All welcome, including parents and grandparents !
Book experienced SSP teachers to deliver in-house kindy and school training. Connect with other passionate teachers in the private support group. Anyone can join the facebook.com/SpeechSoundPics page !

Students of all ages love to learn to read and spell using the Speech Sound Monsters, as #SSPItJustMakesSense ! They also help students learn high frequency words quickly and easily. Why not download the sight words used in PM Levels 1 - 10 so that they can read and write them correctly, before the end of their first year of school? See SpeedySightWords.com if you use Letters and Sounds, Oxford, Fry, Dolch etc HF words. Use the Code Mapping and Monster Mapping techniques to ensure that ALL are more likely to learn these high frequency words QUICKLY.

Watch students learn to read and spell in the SSP Stories pages of the Dyslexia Doctor House web site, and read teacher testimonials.

Are you interested in bulk orders for your Australian school? Email for options regarding ordering. info@teacherlessteaching.com.au

Getting Started?

We strongly recommend the NEW teaching pack, which consist of hundreds of photocopiable pages.Massive discount, for a limited time only. https://missemma.selz.com/item/monster-mapping-kit-for-parents-and-tutors-special-offer